Alleged dealers across Ontario charged with drug trafficking


OTTAWA — Several residents from across Ontario, including Ottawa and Smiths Falls, and one in Gatineau, are facing charges in connection to a major drug trafficking investigation.

On Thursday, Ontario Provincial Police unveiled details of Project Daytona. OPP say the nine-month investigation targeted high-level members linked to Traditional Organized Crime, Ottawa-based organized crime groups and other previously known crime groups, who distributed drugs to mid-level dealers and street gangs.

During the investigation, OPP seized a massive amount of drugs, including 8.5 kg of cocaine, 9 kg of methamphetamine, 4 kg of ecstasy, more than 100 pounds of cannabis and 8.5 kg of cannabis concentrates. Police also seized $30,000 in Canadian currency,

OPP say twelve people have been charged with 81 offences.