Anti-lockdown protestors gathered at Queens Park

People are itching to get back to their normal lives and for the economy to open back up. Especially people in Ontario. On Saturday, over a 100 people decided to gather at Queens Park downtown Toronto where they decided to disregard physical distancing measures and emergency laws. Premier Doug Ford called the group of protestors “irresponsible, reckless and selfish”, as well they are going to set us back months.

This group known to be the Free North Patriots, which are a new group formed, chanted slogans to “open up Ontario” and all the emergency measures along with it. Some even calling Covid-19 a hoax. While Ford was visibly upset on live television with what they were doing during a pandemic, not one individual was arrested or ticketed. According to the Toronto Police spokesperson, the crowd was very compliant and exercised good social distancing throughout the protest.

Ford had a lot more to say then just a few words about the protestors. The premier said front-line health-care workers at Toronto hospitals near the legislature are working long hours to protect the community and to tend to people who have fallen ill due to the virus. The vast majority of people are staying at home and practising physical distancing to do their part as the curve flattens, he added.

“But then, we have a bunch of yahoos out in the front of Queen’s Park, sitting there, protesting that the place isn’t open, as they are breaking the law and putting everyone in jeopardy, putting themselves in jeopardy, putting the workers in jeopardy. And God forbid one of them ends up in the hospital,” Ford said.

The anti-lockdown protestors made it a peaceful protest compared to the protest for Doug Ford’s cuts to education and to the Ontario Austism organizer of the anti-lockdown protest at Queen’s Park said the event would be peaceful. The organizer explained what the group would be trying to do at the event while people with COVID-19 are fighting for their lives in hospital.

As well, the email to CBC also mentioned “Health and economics are not mutually exclusive, We are fighting for small business, the working class, the poor, students, victims of domestic abuse, people waiting for elective medical procedures, the right to peaceful assembly, the list is endless. We choose freedom, liberty and the balance of mental and physical health,”

The organizer of the protest group Free North Patriots encouraged the group to have common sense when it came to following health guidelines and measures, which they followed since not one arrest or ticket was made during the event.