Bidens Executive orders, 2020-2021

Here is a complete list of the executive orders as of Friday 12th of March 2021. Urging every please read and stay informed. It is impossible to play this game without knowledge. The world in which we live including the greatest America has changed the rules. We are leaving responsibilities on young people who are not strong enough to cope. Please open this link in a new tab. We can not just leave it to the next guy to fix it. Know your rights. Take the time to read all you can on politicians and leaders. If at some point we lose the rights to speech, guns whatever they will all be taking. Many people have fought and died for our freedoms, as well as the freedom of other countries. Why are we losing freedoms faster and faster? Getting involved may not seem important but it is. Start with local politics Schools, Hospitals, Nursing homes. we can fix this if we do more than a complaint.