heavy-handed police tactics

An incident occurred on the west end of Brockville February 25th, where a 33 year old female was arrested for breaching her conditions. Here you can see an unknown Brockville City Police Officer struggles to gain control over what appears to be distressed woman. The threat level can be determined as low due to the size of the woman and the fact that she is at most resisting arrest and at the least non-cooperative. Threat level is assessed by the use of force continuum, which indicates that due to threat level the officer has a choice to make and most seem to think he went too far. Below you can see that this has a huge outcry from people on Facebook.

Below you can see more comments on facebook of what people are expressing about incident.


As we don’t have full video of what happened prior, its still unclear to what happened before the take down and what lead up to this. Keep in mind, people should remember that the police work is very stressful and demanding and they too are only people.  Below is the video that people are sharing on facebook. We must warn to individuals watching, it is hard to watch.