FORECAST: Wind chill will flirt with -30 tonight

Well, the worst seems to be over with slightly less than a true snowpocalypse through the capital.

Now, are you ready for some deep chill?

Depending where you are, there was between six to about 10 cm of snow.

That should end by about noon Thursday, although flurry action could bring another couple of centimetres by dinner time.

The temperature will be sliding steadily down, falling to -9 C by late afternoon, feeling like -18 in the wind.

Skies are expected to clear overnight, but there’s a risk of frostbite as the mercury continues to plunge, hitting a low of -21 C overnight, with a wind chill that feels like -29.

The deep wind chill and frostbite risk continue for early risers Friday, with morning readings of about -28 as the day heads towards a high of -13 C under sunny skies.

The day’s low is expected to be -19 C.

More snow is expected through the day Saturday as the thermometer stays steady at about -12 C all through the day and evening.

Flurries are on the board Sunday but temperatures could climb all the way to -8 C, before plunging to an overnight low of -19 C.

Back-to-work Monday and Tuesday are looking clear and cold: Highs around -12 C to -14 C and lows of -23 C Monday night.