From several charges to none: Four suspects in Fraser Street shooting have charges dropped

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There has been a major update on the shooting that happened on January 29th of this year that took place in Kingston Ont. In incident involved several men breaking into an apartment building on Fraser St. Kingston Police arrested the four suspects after three men showed up at 73 Fraser St. around 3:20 a.m. on the last Tuesday in January, pounded on the door of one of the apartments, demanding money, and tried to force their way in. Video surveillance footage from the apartment building captured the three intruders, who were wearing ski masks, and showed that one was carrying a silver handgun and another had a camouflaged shotgun.

They left the building when they weren’t able to gain entry to the targeted apartment, but fired several shots at the apartment from outside, one of which penetrated the bedroom window of two children who had been asleep before the commotion. All charges with connection to this Jan. 29 shoot-up at an apartment building on Fraser Street have been dropped against all four men. These individuals have been held in custody on those charges for the past three months.

Assistant Crown attorney Janet O’Brien on Thursday withdrew several charges, which included allegations of attempted murder and recklessly discharging a firearm, against Jeffrey Burtch, 31, of Perth, Everett T. Telgen, 53, of Brockville, Joseph E. Ferguson, 30, also of Brockville, and Joseph E. Wilson, 38.

There was no clear explanation as to why this was the case since there was several videos and surveillance to show otherwise. In open court they gave no explanation for the decision not to prosecute, but Crown attorney Ross Drummond later stated that because of faults in the Crown’s case, there was “no reasonable prospect of conviction in the circumstances we find ourselves in.”

Joseph Ferguson, who was suspected to be the one who was driving one of the getaway vehicles, was the only one that had to deal with any of the charges he’d been facing. He will be entering a guilty plea in Kingston’s Ontario Court of Justice to illegal possession of four grams of “crack” cocaine.

Federal Crown prosecutor Courtney Cottle stated Ferguson was found to have had the drug on Feb. 4, which was after Kingston Police arrested him in Brockville on charges arising out of the Fraser Street crime. She told Justice Larry O’Brien the drugs were discovered when he was searched incident to that arrest.

Ferguson has been in custody since his arrest and was sentenced to time served, but at Cottle’s request only 30 days of his pretrial custody was registered against the conviction.

More details to come.


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