History Repeats Itself?





I think it may be time for a bit of a History lesson.  Among other things in the world, this revelry is being allowed to play on. 

If I’m to understand properly, Iraq convinced the US to airstrike Iranian troops in Bagdad Iraq and Killed an Iranian Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani and now Iran is mad at the US and Iraq is hoping the US will retaliate again and they’re winning a battle without even firing a bullet…. Or something like that.  I’m getting a headache trying to follow it; but it really doesn’t matter at this point.  This IS happening.  

It’s reminiscent of the Arch Duke Ferdinand Assassinations which ultimately led to WWI.  I hope I’m wrong, if you ask Trump, he stopped a war, not antagonized one.  I just think he might not be a good one to listen to right now.  I’m not trying to influence perspectives, I’m just conveying them.