Cummo accusers.

How many women is it going to take this seriously? Why are we allowing people to reign over us like warlords? Across this Nation, we all know things do not add up. But yet we are just going along with the program. At some point, we have to stop and ask ourselves why? We all play a role in society. If you know something is wrong fix it, ask for help, report it.

Unfourntentaly people have died under the service of Cummo and his staff. Why would sexual harassment make a bigger noise than death? As a collective of people, we have to start asking why we look up to normal people with too much power. Actors, who just read lines and Singers, who are autotuned? As the weather begins to change and buds begin to open. The sweet smell of summer comes into focus. We, only us can make this better. With a little Grace from God and a neighborly heart please approach this year with hope and promise.