Impeachments and Other Tragedies of the New World

The growth of awareness, has increased anxiety (among other contributing factors).  I recall the reckless 80’s, and frankly, I miss them.  Not all of it, of course, but it just wasn’t as uptight as it is now and save for the tons of aerosol hairspray—we could breathe better.

Perhaps (now) we can’t hold ourselves to such high standards as those we did when tradition, policy and morals were paramount; apparently NONE of us can.  It seems like more impeachments (at one time) than I have ever seen in my lifetime.  Have we become over-sensitive or too aware?  Have we shrunk the world too much and grossly over populated it, causing tension and feeding hate?  We’re not playing a very good game right now in world politics.  First of all, people are messing with China, and that’s never a good idea.  Trump HAS to be a distraction from the bigger picture!  Trudeau, ugh, Trudeau.  I mean really?  I’m second hand embarrassed for my country’s leader; there’s even talks of a Trudeau impeachment, stemming from the SNC Lavalin scandal!  Even Prince Andrew has been a press nightmare lately, remember his last public debacle?  I’ll give you a hint–FERGIE.  NOT from the Black-Eyed Peas, seriously—read a book!  Circa 1986, Sarah Ferguson—The Duchess of York!  The moral compass also spun with the Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowls Scandal.

Lest we forget patriotic, multi-talented, Canadian Hockey icon, Don Cherry!  The man’s been working for decades… there’s a big part of me that thinks this was intentional on his part, a test even.  Seriously, how long did we think he was going to work?  One last opinion…. The Great Exit! Epic!

What about Bill Cosby—are you kidding me?  Mr. Jell-O himself, America’s Dad, I named my daughter after his television grand daughter!  The thing is, nothing was ever real… we just thought it was. The.Whole.Time.  It was happening, what even IS reality?

Let’s not forget about the “Me Too” movement…  Relevant because it’s an indicator of a social revolution going on.  What does it all mean?  Has the pendulum swung too far, or is Bill Burr right, we’re living too long to adapt to social mores? Was it always there?  I’ve read some pretty scandalous books about old Hollywood—the beginning of manufactured image that led to the “personal brand” ideology we currently praise.  It seems we’re LESS tolerant now, not more, as we boast to be.