Man shoves 20 inch Eel up his rectum, believing it was folklore. No really.


I’m definitely putting WAY more thought into this, than anyone should.  First of all, I believe the “folklore” would suggest that you put the eel in ASS FIRST, like maybe eels have bacteria on or within them, that secretes when it’s scared or turned on?


I’m just trying to give this “spiritualist” the benefit of the doubt. I mean, WHY would you opt for head first? You had two ends to pick from, one has a mouth full of sharp teeth that uses suction to affix itself to a host and feed off of it, or the end that doesn’t have that? Surely that wasn’t what the “folklore” was suggesting?


Also, how constipated could you be if you could fit a 20-inch eel up your anus? There should have been ample obstruction, unless the poor, wretched creature was up there for a lengthy period of time (gasp) eating his way through.  Please, no.


This is so hard to process, and I have so many questions—none of which I want answered.


Here’s a link to an article on the apparent details, but don’t take my reference for it, this is all over the internet.  I tried to google any folklore that may have included inserting an eel in your anus, and not only did I not find anything, the internet is saturated with this story.