Meat…Less Is Here To Stay!

There has always been alternatives and substitutes for meat, but it seems only hardcore vegans and vegetarians dare add them to their daily grocery list. Now, there is Beyond Meat! Not only has it taken the fast food and, just announced last, the grocery isles by meatless storm, but the stock exchange as well! Thursday May 2, 2018 Beyond Meat (BYND) had an incredible first day of trading, soring above its IPO price of $25 to closing at $67 a share on Friday! That is a 163% meatless surge!

It doesn’t stop there. Other fast food chains are getting on board with the plant-based craze. That is helping Beyond Meat competitor, Impossible Foods, to jump on board and already running out of product! The question for these companies isn’t how will people take to meatless produces, but how will they keep up with demand. This is good news and a sign the mass consumers are changing their eating habits for the betterment of the planet and themselves?

Vegans and vegetarians have traditionally and rightly been concerned with animal welfare in the livestock industry. (It now seems wrong to include animals with the term industry), now the masses are being educated and inodiated with global warming and human health. 

With almost have the livable area of our planet occupied with livestock and much of 7 billion people wanting their meat fast and in huge quantities, something has to give to save ourselves. There really isn’t anything new with the ingredients of these new products. Pea protein or soy, oil, water, etc., but it would seem, from the huge surge in demand, that people are waking up to the environmental issues with animal agriculture. 

If the meat gluttonous population must be feed, despite the health implications and the environmental consequences, there is even more on the horizon. Maybe, better suited for the diehard meat eaters, they call it “clean meat”. Animals no longer need to be subjected to standing for hours during transport or in corrals waiting for death. Land does not need to be transformed from its natural state to a wasteland of fields for animal agriculture. The ozone can take a break from bovine emissions…cow farts! Don’t laugh, its true. A single cow can produce 80 to 100kg of methane per year, that gas is depleting our ozone layer, which in turn, is helping to burn our planet up!

Don’t be turned off by the alternative names for “clean meat”, like “cultured meat”or “lab grown meat”. These terms create false picture by skeptics. It would be the same as calling the brewing of beer or chocolate production “lab grown”. There are always labs use at the early stages of many food plants, therefore, this is no different. 

Bruce Friedrich article, in the Good Food Institute’s website, states…

“GFI senior scientist Christie Lagally explains that some food scientists at the Institute of Food Technologists conference thought “cultured meat” was canned, salted, cured, or aged, much like yogurt.”

“Christie notes that “cultured” can be easily confused with the commonly referenced processing technique, while “clean meat” does not yet have a common meaning when referring to meat, and it also describes this product more accurately by stating the benefits (i.e. clean from bacteria, clean from feces, and overall cleaner for the environment), much like “clean energy.” “Clean Meat”: The “Clean Energy” of Food by Bruce Friedrich, September 6, 2016

With scientists and entrepreneurs moving forward with “clean meat” we can move past the dirty and inhumane practices of factory farming, yet, still keep the meat eaters satisfied. Stay tuned! 

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