Naughty neighbour!

So, you’ve retired and moved into your dream loft.  NO more lawn mowing, faucet repairs, roof and foundation consideration, and no snow shoveling.  You felt safe with people around, but grateful that your space was all your own, any problems with infrastructure—not your problem.  A far cry from your 20’s and 30’s when you thought you needed to buy a home, own a weed whacker, tool shed, two car garage and fenced yard.  You had to have carports, appliance hook ups and at least a 100-amp panel box.  It had to be close to a school and in a good neighbourhood—maybe even in that new development in the north end. Now it was different, the kids were older, you didn’t need a yard anymore and safety in numbers is now a consideration.  You want an apartment in a historic area of town, with Victorian style architecture.  Low stress, low overhead and an aesthetic calm that feels like home.  Time to breathe and time to pursue the proverbial retirement bucket list. From the first moment that you walked in, you felt safe and at home.

What if that dream home had a sinister history that you simply couldn’t compete with?  What if someone didn’t want you there?  You ignored harbingers of a rough road to come when viewing the apartment and the property manager told you that “there were problems” with noise and the last tenants. She also had things to say about another neighbour, but curiously, one neighbour was not mentioned.  A repeat of the encounter was undesirable for all stakeholders, and ultimately inevitable; history doomed to repeat itself.  It can happen anywhere and it can happen to you.  When someone launches a full-on eviction-conviction campaign, you’re up for a fight and you’ll likely lose.  This is her comfort zone and you will soon know why.

The following footage was obtained when said Brockville resident put a door-bell-camera on their mailbox as the building was secure, but without a buzzer system.  Not everyone, especially the elderly, even have cell phones to call residents to gain access to the building, so the camera-door bell, seemed a good fit.

Within the first 24 hours a shocking discovery was made.  The neighbour who had complained tirelessly and called the police regularly; the neighbour the property manager was referring to as the “victim” of the previous tenants, can be seen accessing their mailbox and even retrieving what appears to be the residents mail.  You can see her discover the camera and subsequently it was removed by maintenance.  The family living in the residence was later forcibly removed from the home by the Sheriff with a fifteen minute window and NO WARNING! The family speculates that what the “naughty neighbour” was retrieving from their mailbox were the eviction notices and subsequent legal documents—as the eviction came as a TOTAL shock and the residents hadn’t received anything indicating a decision or finalization.  Any reasonable person would’ve preferred the option to leave, willingly and in a much more civilized manner.  After all, this is a first world country—we have rights—don’t we? 

In the video above the woman can be seen going into her mailbox. Off to the right bottom.

in the above video the woman can be seen going into her neighbours mailbox to the bottom left of the video



In the video below you can see the superintendent had been contacted and which point he remove the video doorbell.