RCMP employee charged under national secrets act

TORONTO: Director General of the RCMP Cameron Ortis, has been charged under 3 parts of the Security of Information Act. The national security law addresses security concerns which includes threats of espionage by foreign powers. As well as 2 parts of the Criminal Code of Canada. “The charges stem from activities alleged to have occurred during his tenure as an RCMP employee”, the statement says. 

Ed Prutschi, CTV’s News legal analyst stated that the charges against Ortis are anti-spy related.  

Prutschi also said “Ortis is a civilian cyber security guy in the RCMP and the combination of charges implies he’s accused of either hacking or just plain out stealing sensitive information through digital networks presumably and passing it along. 

The Minister of Public Safety’s spokesperson Ralph Goodale had a statement that read “Canadians can continue to have confidence in their security and intelligence agencies to protect our safety and rights,” and all questions should be directed to the RCMP.