The 411 on Michael Barrett

Barrett supports farmers, seniors and veterans’, while advocating mobile coverage to rural areas, and wants to lower taxes for Canadians. I researched some of his “Parliamentary Interventions” to see the voice he is presenting in the House of Commons and if it reflects the information presented from Elections Canada, and on his website.


Barrett questions the tariff and counter-tariff effect on small and medium sized enterprises, and compares the liberal budget to a pyramid scheme during the “Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement implementation act” debate.  This act is intended to replace the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA).  Barrett wonders when relief is going to come for said businesses who were supposed to benefit from Tariff’s collected.


In another Parliamentary Intervention, Barrett questions how the carbon tax increase price at the pump will affect Canadians in terms of affordability.


Before Barrett got into politics, he served in the armed Forces in telecommunications at CFB Edmonton, he also served in CFS Alert in Canada’s High Artic. He appears to present a realistic and progressive, Conservative ideology.