The line movement has businesses up and running amid pandemic lockdown

While a majority of the country is waiting for things to go back to normal, some have decided to not wait at all. After the line movement made an announcement on the Free North Patriots to call on all Canadians to resist and unjust order and a tyrannical government. They are urging all Canadians to reopen the country now. The line movement stated “open your business and your stores, do not fall into a depression and economic hardship. Visit your families and friends, maintain your family unit. We call on everyone to stand up, resist and take Canada back. Do not accept the new normal”.

The movement that started small outside of Queens Park downtown Toronto has now become a huge movement by having supporters all over the country. Protestors have been supporting the line movement by protesting every Saturday from coast to coast to end the lockdown and to not accept the new normal.

Ever since the line movement made their statement, several business owners have done exactly so and reopened their business. Businesses from retail to bars to even hair salons have opened up all over the country and returning to their normal ways. 

The video below shows a bar in downtown Toronto ignoring the lockdown order and returning to normal.