The much talked about Loners MC

Citizen World News. February 4th 2019.

An article In the Cornwall Standard Freeholder’s article titled “Concerns over possible outlaw motorcycle club in Cornwall’s Le Village” has had a lot of discussion and also raised some concerns. The Loners Motorcycle Club responded to what the Standard Freeholder had to say. Essentially it contained information about how the Loners moved into its current location on Montreal Rd over a year ago where a tenant who was upstairs in the building they were renting from moved out because of them. The article also raised concerns about having a motorcycle gang stationed in the area. Staff Sgt. Rob Archambault of the Criminal Investigation division in Cornwall stated “motorcycle gangs can be involved in the same illicit activities that other organized crime groups are. This includes smuggling everything from drugs to humans, which is prominent in Cornwall”. He concluded with “in Cornwall, we suspect the main source of their criminal activity is likely drug trafficking”.

The Loners Motorcycle Club Spokesman Magoo responded to the article this week. According to the Loners they think the article from the Cornwall Standard Freeholder’s is a conspiracy and are teaming up with the local police departments to gather information to scare the community into making them believe there is a security risk. The loners also said the sources that are giving the Cornwall Standard Freeholder information is biased and this is all just an attempt to increase the police budget by saying there is an imaginary Biker issue. The Loners Spokesman stated “In the history of the club we have never been deemed or labeled as an Outlaw MC. Nor have we been found to be involved in organized crime, charged with the same or have charges pending. Our members are employed. We have cabinet makers, brick layers, cement foreman, bouncers and security staff, car mechanics, truck drivers, plant workers, sales people, store owners, business owners, and the list goes on. Some of our members are also athletes and are involved in boxing, martial arts, MMA, body building at a competitive level and are non-drinkers and smokers. Many have post-secondary education.”

They mention in their response that its incorrect when the article stated that they are an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. Even though they have a 1%er patch worn on their colours. According to the Wikipedia “some outlaw motorcycle clubs can be distinguished by a 1% patch worn on the colours. This is said to refer to a comment by the American Motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, implying the last 1% were outlaws”. Over the years those would include the Vagos, Hells Angels and Outlaws.

The motorcycle club also responded “to become a full patch member and finish the probationary period it takes a minimum 2 years but can take much longer, all members must be well versed in, and must defend, the Canadian Constitution and its Charter of Rights and Freedoms. All members must also strictly adhere to the Loners MC Constitution. Nowhere in our constitution does it allow or support the use of narcotics or the sale of the same. The lifestyle of a 1% MC is much stricter then you can imagine and is not for everyone. It’s well known in our world that is harder to keep your patch than it is to get it”. There have been multiple sources that have made statements that the Loner Motorcycle Club is involved in drug trafficking, especially in the Cornwall area. Not to mention there has been full patch members that became the full patch members for the Loners in months, weeks and even days. Not 2 years.

The response of the Loners caused a lot of attention and reading the comments on their full response makes it very apparent that they rely on violence and aggression when people don’t agree with what they have to say. Current members of the Loners Motorcycle Club posted several comments that can be publicly seen that are violent and also threatening. To read their response and to look at the comments go to the website and base your own opinion on their comments. We have had many people give us information anonymously as well as photos. Below you’ll see a picture of young girls dancing around the President Corey Greenwood.