The Question Shouldn’t Be If Johnson and Trump Are Similar, It Should Be Why Were They Elected?

The crazy hair, being American and looking like buffoons aside, are Boris Johnson and Donald Trump similar? Is Boris just a crazy haired elitist that supports elitists; and is Trump just an illiterate elitist that attempts to go against elitists… and everyone else. It seems he is not an elitist when going after the democratic elite and, in turn, he must be an elitist as he has been helping his fellow republican elitists with tax cuts.


Trump’s sparse choices in his vocabulary did include the word ELITE, but it was used to describe women he deemed attractive. This might be because some modelled for Elite, therefore, certain people were elite. He also used it to describe his golf courses and hotels. They are “elite” places.

Then he ran for the Republican party. Elite was now a word he applied to corporations, countries, families, democrats to create an enemy that he could cut down and make promises to destroy. Then he was elected and elite was back to being his word again.



“But then he won. And over the past year, as he has settled into the trappings of the presidency, he has begun to do something none of his populist forebears ever attempted. He has been reclaiming the word “elite” with an almost vengeful pride. Having vanquished his opponents at the polls, having slammed the “elites” as corrupt, incompetent and out of touch, Trump now has bestowed upon himself, as well as his most fervent supporters, the mantle of “elite” as if it were a spoil of war. “You know what?” he said last year in Arizona. “I think we’re the elites.” In recent months, this approach has ramped up markedly. “Why are they elite?” he said in Minnesota. “I have a much better apartment than they do. I’m smarter than they are. I’m richer than they are. I became president, and they didn’t. And I’m representing the greatest, smartest, most loyal, best people on earth—the deplorables.” He and his voters are now the elite, the new elite, “the super-elite,” Trump said in South Carolina. “Just remember that,” he said in West Virginia toward the end of the summer. “You are the elite. They’re not the elite.”

Politico Magazine Michael Kruse Dec 2018


Boris Johnson is English elite! He came from the prominent family, went to the right public schools (Private schools in Britain), studied the classics, and aligned himself with the right people. He went to Eton with former Prime Minister David Cameron. He is everything that is wrong with the English elite. Generations of upper-class children, raised in boarding schools, which teach to protect their kind, hide any feelings, make immaturity look like maturity, and be domineering to anyone that shows weakness.


“That this spoilt child of a man – who lies like a toddler and has only the vaguest of political convictions – should be closing in on power gives the UK’s partners overseas the impression that the end is nigh. This, it seems, will be the final act of a political drama launched by Johnson’s fellow old Etonian David Cameron when he chose to organise a referendum on British membership of the EU.” The Guardian, Jean Quatremer, July 2019


“Johnson isn’t rewriting the rules, though. He’s a product of them. He comes from a long line of dopey, space cadet British guys. Johnson is the product of Eton—the echt-elite British boarding school, and a place so seamlessly integrated into the pathway to government power that the school gets a day off whenever a graduate is elected PM—and Oxford.” GQ, Rachel Tashjian July 2019



They both like fake news.  They are both willing to say what they want to gain an edge. Trump’s flapping tongue is a danger to human rights, freedom of the press and the rule of law and Boris lies to gain ground in his political ambitions.


Boris is actually educated. Though it doesn’t seem to get in the way of this political aspirations. Trump seems to be at the lower elementary vocabulary level.


They are sexist. They are Islamophobic. They stand up for the white man. They are both elitist in this way.


Trump is an outsider in the Republican party, but Boris was raised and educated properly in a Conservative family.


Boris blundered his way as a journalist, being fired at the Telegraph for lying in an article. Then continued to create fake news to help himself along. Trump’s family made hundreds of millions by tax fraud to move their family into prominence. Trump’s businesses failed and were bankrupted, yet he succeeded by taking his circus act to television.


Boris speaks several languages and has global views. Trump hasn’t mastered the English language.


I would say they are different on the world stage, but the same in their outwardly appearance. But, are they a product of their own countries and the global shift to nationalism? Is this where the similarity lies ? Is this the similarity that we should be worried about?


The USA and the UK seem to be following what Russia has already been doing. Russia has responded to the west’s influence on globalization, NATO and the pulling of Soviet blocs like Ukraine and Crimea towards the western ideals. They have become suspicious of the Western’s intentions. This has created Vladimir Putin’s rise to power and his platform to protect Russia and claim these countries as their own.


Then there is China, which is presenting strongly a national aggression to replace a socialist ideal. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s slogan “realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”. The slogan to make countries “great again” is echoing all over the globe. The question has always been the same… “exactly when was the country great?”.


“The question now is how far it will all go, this potential unwinding of the international economic system that too many of us have taken for granted – and which was designed in large part to preserve world peace.”

Politico Magazine, Why the New Nationalists are Taking Over, by Michael Hirsh, June 2016. 

“It’s time to acknowledge that Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have far more in common than funny hair, and that the movement once known as conservatism – to which both men retain only the barest connection – is taking on a new form, that of an unabashed, xenophobic nationalism. Trump and Johnson have tapped into a profound trend in world politics that isn’t going away anytime soon. Let’s call it the New Nationalism: a bitter populist rejection of the status quo that global elites have imposed on the international system since the Cold War ended, and which lower-income voters have decided -understandably- is unfair. Displaced working people of the world are uniting – in their demand, paradoxically, for disunification. The common refrain is “we want our country back.” Back from whom or what is unclear, but the biggest bogeymen appear to be international institutions, open trade and (let’s be honest) the influx of brown-skinned migrants. It hardly seems an accident that Trump has made his slogan “America First” (and id often accused of racism and bigotry against Mexicans and Muslims), while the homicidal lunatic who shot and stabbed the anti-Brexit MP Jo Cox to death days before the Brexit vote shouted, over and over, “Put Britain first” (and was apparently a purchaser of white supremacist literature)”. Politico Magazine, Why the New Nationalist Are Taking Over, Michael Hirsh, June 2019


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