Trump! It May Be A Matter Of Psychology!

The President of the United States has hit an all-time low this week with his tweets. Bullying four US Democratic congresswomen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib. Trump told the four non-white women to “go back” to the “crime infested places” where they came from. Three of the four women are American born and the fourth is naturalized citizen.


The exchange could almost be laughable if not for the context. Trump grabbed bits and pieces of the Congresswomen’s interviews, from here and there, and distorting them to fire up a political fight. Most of his tweets and ludicrous responses to reporters at the 3rdannual Made in America Product Showcase on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, were distorted, embellished, and…as some of his sentences were not making any sense… ridiculous.

“I mean, I look at the one — I look at Omar — I don’t know, I never met her.  I hear the way she talks about al Qaeda.  Al Qaeda has killed many Americans.  She said, “You can hold your chest out, you can — when I think of America…huh…when I think of al Qaeda, I can hold my chest out.”  When she talked about the World Trade Center being knocked down, “Some people.”  You remember the famous “some people.”  These are people that, in my opinion, hate our country.” Donald Trump, July 15, 2019, South Lawn, White House, Washington

How can anyone, especially a president of a powerful and democratic country, make comments like that and carry on with his day? The man has pushed passed almost every boundary with no push back. His narcissism is swollen to capacity. He has given himself the green light to say anything he likes.

The response from the congresswomen, at a press conference Monday, was to the point and rehashed issues that have plagued Trump’s election from the start. His vulgar comments about women, his colluding with Russia during the election and his ongoing human rights abuses with the policing of the US-Mexican border. They then launched into how badly the president is hurting their country.

“He’s launching a blatantly racist attack of four duly elected members of the United States House of Representatives, all of whom are women of color…This is the agenda of white nationalists, whether it is happening in chat rooms, or it is happening on national TV, and now it’s reached the White House garden.” Representative Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota. July 15, 2019

A few republicans spoke out…

“Representative Michael R. Turner, Republican of Ohio, tweeted that the president’s tweets “were racist and he should apologize,” adding, “We must work as a country to rise above hate, not enable it.” Representative Will Hurd of Texas, the lone African-American among House Republicans called the president’s remarks “racist and xenophobic.”  The New York Times, Julie Hirschfeld Davis, July 15 2019




“Some moderate Republicans did speak out. Susan Collins, a US senator from Maine, lamented Trump’s tweets as going “way over the line”. The only Republican senator who is African American, Tim Scott, referred to the president’s “racially offensive language”.

But such critics were in the small minority. Chuck Schumer, the lead Democrat in the US Senate, accused the bulk of his Republican peers who held their silence of “making a deal with the devil”. He asked them: “Where are you when something this serious, this bigoted, this un-American happens?” The Guardian, Lauren Gambino and Ed Pilkington, July 16, 2019

Why does the congresswomen’s comments hold less weight than the ranting by Trump and his demeaning continuous tweets? Why aren’t the statesmen of the Republican party standing up for their country’s constitution instead of their rouge leader?

It may have to do with psychology!

Read the full article here, but some points are highlighted below.


To understand Trump and why he is the 45thpresident of the United States is to understand those who support him. Unfortunately, there isn’t an antidote!

Psychology Today, A Complete Psychological Analysis of Trump’s Support, by Bobby Axarian Ph.D. listed 14 reasons, guided by psychological influences, why people can support this man.  

Listing just a few examples, the picture unfolds how he just needs to flash the right cards to grab the attention of certain groups. These groups of people may have the same psychological profile and therefore, are drawn to the race baiting, hate mongering, and the continued showmanship of his ways. Not all Trump supports have racist views, are mentally vulnerable or are fundamentally bad.

The diehards may fall in a few of these categories.

-It’s simply a matter of money. Tax cuts for the rich, doing away with government regulations that get in the way of the rich and Trump’s promise to bring back jobs and stronger immigration laws. So, it doesn’t matter if he lies or grabs women. Just make us money.

-Some brains need activity to stay focused. Trump keeps people focused.

-People’s obsession with entertainment and celebrities. That’s all Trump is, he is a TV personality! Yes, he was a developer, but bankrupted three times. He did better on TV.

-Some people just want to watch the world burn. The chaos lovers love Trump. They want to see the establishment fall. They may seek pleasure by someone’s misfortune. Schandenfreude obsession.

-Trump draws fear out of people. This is very interesting! For detail please read the full article as stated above. But in short, people in a 2008 study found conservatives have a stronger physiological reaction to startling sounds and graphic images compared to those who said they were liberal. These brain responses are automatic and not influenced by logic or reason. As Trump spouts anti- immigrant threats and rhetoric, some conservative brains will light up! Fear is energizing their brains and focus is now of the safety of their country, no matter how ridiculous the reasoning or how offensive the remarks.

-Trump preaches death. Humans have a unique awareness of their own mortality. People are going to react if they are told someone is going to hurt them or cause a terrorist act. People then become closer to those who have the same views as they do. Many studies have supported that triggering thoughts of death tends to shift people towards the right.

-Trump is narcissistic and therefore, he draws other narcissistic people, who like to be around other narcissistic people. They are usually strong nationalist who think that true patriots are anti-immigrants and anti-elitists. Their identity trumps (see what I did there) all other races and they are the superior group.

-The desire to dominate others is yet another psychology category. Known as Social Dominance Orientation (SDO). They are people who like a hierarchy society where high dominance have status over the lower status. They are usually self driven and tough minded. Trump’s speeches are aimed at distinctive groups and take aim at those lower groups

People need to speak out against injustice and be fair minded. Don’t get caught up in this mad man’s performance. It is very disturbing that in this day and age humans have not progressed past this type of behaviour.  I will pinch myself and hope I wake up from this nightmare!