Trump vs. Biden round 2

Tonight the American people and people of the world will be tuning into the 2nd and final debate. Many have speculated that President Trump will mop the floor with Biden tonight, bringing up the Hunter Biden scandal. Who will win? Forbes has a list of odds.

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will square off one final time in tonight’s Presidential Debate, and oddsmakers have jumped on the opportunity to offer up some a healthy serving of wagering options.

Ranging from either candidate appearing in a mask to another cameo by the infamous debate fly, bettors can attempt to cash in on what should be a more tame version of its predecessor.

Per the 2020 Presidential Election Betting Odds Tracker at, Donald Trump has narrowed the gap slightly after Biden saw his most favorable odds of -200 just over a week ago.

Slight blowback from a potential email scandal has seen support decline, with Biden now listed at -165 compared to Trumps +125.

“As much of a debacle as the first debate was, it fees like some of the drama — some of the fun — got sucked out of this one with the muted mics,” shared Dave Mason of BetOnline. “But as we know, Donald Trump can’t be muted with a muzzle so there still should be some fireworks.”

The overall demeanor of the previous debate will likely see many potential viewers opt out.

“Our bettors are expecting fewer Americans to tune in to this debate,” added Mason. “We opened the total viewership total at 72.5 million, but heavy action on the under has forced us to lower that line to 67.5 million.”

The event itself will see moderator Kristen Welker discuss six topics with each of the candidates in 15-minute blocks. Topics will include COVID-19 response, the American family, racial relations in America, climate change, National security, and leadership.

The decision to mute the microphones does cater to the idea that candidates will be more inclined to actually answer the questions they are being asked. The narrative that Trump refused to denounce “White Supremacy” groups in the first debate took social media by storm, and oddsmakers are expecting this to come up in discussion.

Bettors can wager on this topic hitting the table at -175, and given that one of the predetermined subjects includes “Race in America”, this options seems like a no-brainer.

The option of Trump denouncing these groups also is on the board at a lower -120, hinting that the President might not take the opportunity to once again clarify something that he feels he has done on various occasions already. Recently White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pulled a similar tactic when sparring with reporters following the first debate, using the line of questioning to point out unfair media coverage instead.

With his back against the wall, I see Trump having no choice but to openly denounce the group and will bank on “yes” for both options. Add on the use of the word “Antifa” before “QAnon” at -400 for a nice little parlay, as he will also use the moment to condemn left-wing hate groups.