Update:heavy-handed police tactics

We followed up with Melissa Ross to see how she was feeling, both mentally and physically after her recent arrest.
The picture above concludes her physical injuries to be evident. Melissa did lament her frustration at not being offered medical attention or clean, dry clothing after the struggle, which occurred mainly prone. Ross gave us this photo taken when she was released. She felt ignored when requesting essentials from the officers while she was in the cell at the Brockville Police Station, as she was given a single paper towel to deal with her injuries and her mud and snow soaked clothing.
When I asked Ross how she felt moving forward, she made it clear that she didn’t want another person to go through what she went through.
Ross is the first person to admit that she is an addict who’s known to police. She would like to see more police sensitivity training in the area of mental help and addictions, which go hand and hand.

the original article with a video that was released on social media can be seen

heavy-handed police tactics