What is “The Line”?

The talk this week has been about the new organization in Canada who go by the name of Free North Patriots. They received peoples attention during the protest at Queens Park which was about ending the lockdown. They are a network of free citizens engaged in a movement that defends our civil liberties and way of life.

Lately, they are supporting “The Line” movement. They now have added it to their information on their website to show their support for this new movement. 

Below is the symbol for “The Line” movement. Free North Patriots have stated that it represents the people drawing the line to end corruption and control in Canada.

The red line in the photo symbolizes the people will defend their rights and freedoms to maintain their civil liberties at any cost.

The line is drawn on the letter O, which symbolizes any oppressive forces.

This symbol has been popping up all over Canada from BC all the way to the east coast.

Symbol for "The Line" movement