“Where’s Hoffa?” Finally explained in Mafia Hitman’s deathbed confession.


I’ve been a true crime buff my entire life.  I’ve read of many books on true crime and watched some on documentaries.  I’ve even lived to see some evolve from unsolved, to conspiracy, to death bed confession!   Most people in our generation would agree that one of the biggest true crime conspiracies is “Where’s Hoffa?”

Finally, a death bed confession, followed by a book, and NOW, a movie!

I’ve read the book, well I’ve read 85% of it, and I’ve watched the recent Martin Scorsese film. I was worried that I had been waiting so long that it would be anticlimactic; like he died in some Mafiosi version of “friendly-fire”, but I was not disappointed.  

The book, “I heard you paint houses”, Frank (the Irishman) Sheeran’s death bed confession, as told by Charles Brandt and the movie, “The Irishman”, directed by Martin Scorsese.  Produced in part by Bobby D him self, a Netflix original—we’re watching a film revolution.  We get all of the big players, Pesci, DeNiro, Pacino, and their whole crew of guys we’ve seen through the years; there are some new faces too.  These guys are definitely the best crew to tell the story.  The movie is based on the book and the 85% I read was pretty close to the movie. I would still recommend reading the book to get the best picture; they simply can’t put every great scene in the movie.   The movie is three and a half hours long and every scene is vital.  Regardless, they’re both worth taking the time to get into. 

This is all I can say without ruining it, take this book with you to read on the beach while on vacation because you are not going to want to put it down, and the movie is long, make sure you’re in good company because you WILL want to watch it all at once