Who are the Free North Patriots?

Who are the Free North Patriots?
That is a question that is being asked all over the internet for the past few weeks. We have been following this group since the beginning of the  lock down under the new Emergency Act.
April 12, 2020 was our first interaction with a member of the organization whom identifies himself as Michael Boutros.
We attended Mr. Boutros’s office located in Vancouver, BC, and conducted an in person interview.
Boutros and his team informed us that the group was founded to ensure the Canadian people maintain their civil liberties and protect their Charter of Rights and Freedom by raising awareness using different social media campaigns. Furthermore, Boutros indicated there will be protests in Alberta, Toronto and Vancouver to raise awareness about the injustice and contraventions of rights being imposed by the lock-down to contain Covid-19.  As promised, all three protest were conducted contrary to the provinces regulation of social distancing.
According to Mr. Boutros, the Free North Patriots do not represent any political views and are strictly a Civil Liberties group.
Within a few weeks, the FNP gained national recognition by taking the first steps in conducting a peaceful protest in Toronto. The FNP social media Facebook account has been shared nationally over 25,000 times according to Facebook analytics.
We recently contacted Mr. Boutros to follow up about a news article published on April 28, 2020 by a personal blogger website that goes by the name “PressProgress”.
We asked Mr. Boutros as to why the Press Progress website seems to suggest he was in some way concealing his identity or why members of the FNP stated they have never met him in person.
Mr. Boutros replied to the question stating, “To be honest with you, as soon as we were contacted by PressProgress, we were very skeptical. The website appeared simple and amateur. There wasn’t an office address, a contact number or any name to contact. At that time my team and I determined not to answer any questions in detail. We did not provide any factual information. Most of the statements that we provided Press Progress were taken out of context and manipulated by the writer to meet what appeared to be a bias and political agenda. “
The Free North Patriots group appears to be growing at an aggressive speed. They are actively conducting protests Canada wide, as well as conducting meetings with local PM’s and Law Enforcement to ensure the safety of the protestors. Followers from all over the country are joining and supporting the cause. Many state that they support the group and all of its efforts they are doing for Canada.