Will You Take Action to Save The World?

We are killing wildlife and our environment at an alarming rate. This is because of the 7 billion people on this planet occupying more and more land each day and demanding more and more products that make our lives easier but are killing us as well. It is estimated that we have 50 percent less wildlife than we did 50 years ago. 

We are killing off bees, which pollenate our plants and crops. We are destroying and polluting our forests and oceans, which produce our oxygen. Corporations and their marketing strategies have increased the demand for plastics, clearing land for crops and livestock. The lack of using alternative energy and continuing to pollute the earth with the extraction of fossil fuels. Making dead animals more valuable then if they were kept alive and free or exploiting them for our entertainment. What we are doing is not working!!! If we cause mass extinction…we kill ourselves. It is a fact. How can we be an intelligent species with mass extinction on our horizon?

We may not have time for small steps, but at least it is a path in the right direction. Speak to your grocery stores and demand less plastic, accountability for food ingredients and humane livestock practices in their suppliers…eat less meat! Research wildlife groups in your area and attend council meetings to let your community know you care what happens to local wildlife. Don’t pay to have animals entertain you…marine parks, zoos, side shows…say no to animal interactions. Don’t use pesticides and grow bee and butterfly friendly plants. Keep your cats indoors, your dogs under control and don’t leave pet food or garbage outside to encourage wildlife to urban areas. Recycle, reuse and reduce your garbage. 

Visit the website below for 10 things you can do to make a difference. https://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/save-earth-top-ten.htm

Climate scientist Michael Mann says we need to remain optimistic. He speaks about the importance of taking actionin his ground-breaking climate study. In his interview with the CBC News in December 2018 he states…

“There are some things that may be lost, but much else that can be retained, too. Often, we allow the conversation to become binary, as if we either succeed or fail. But what it’s really about is degrees of success or degrees of failure. We can still prevent many of the worst impacts of climate change from playing out, but some bad things will happen — indeed, already are. If you are Puerto Rico, or Bangladesh, or Tuvalu, or Miami Beach or California, you have already witnessed dangerous climate change impacts. It’s simply a matter of how bad we’re willing to allow it to get.

Despair and hopelessness lead us down a path of inaction much the same way that outright denial does. That would be a self-fulfilling proposition, for it would ensure that the worst impacts of climate change do play out. It’s all up to us.”

It is up to us! We are the consumer, the tax payer and the voice for our planet. Please start taking action!

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