Canadian Freedoms in Jeopardy ?

Canada and the rest of the world have been struggling to contain the Covid-19 Pandemic. In attempts to flatten the curve, countries have employed lock down and emergency measures to ensure the safety of their citizens.
Questions from citizen are being asked, “At what cost, and what are people willing to lose to maintain the imposed quarantine and social distancing laws?”
Private business have been forced to lose while government agencies remain open. Thousands of families have been affected financially to the point of bankruptcy due to the emergency measures imposed on civilians and their businesses.
Law enforcement has been tasked with the stressful duty to enforce social distancing laws and mandatory quarantine.  It is however in these trying times that Canadians are coming together and trying to ensure that the authorities conduct their duties lawfully and by preserving an individuals civil liberties. Canadians are holding on to their Charter of Rights and Freedoms now more than ever.
There has been multiple occurrence where law enforcement have entered an individual home to serve a ticket under the new Emergency act. Orders to self isolate and to remain at home are increasing, and slowly affecting the right of mobility for all Canadians. The question is, how long and how far will this go?”
Due to these issues, Canadians have been banding together on social media and creating groups to share knowledge and fears about possible charter violations. One of the more notable groups is known as the Free North Patriots (FNP). The group not only has a social media presence and website, but a physical presence as well.
Numerous small demonstrations have been reported around the country by the group, as well as a large demonstration is reportedly being organized.
We spoke to an FNP Representative about their goal and what they hope to accomplish. A representative provided us with the following comments.

” We’re are all hard working Canadians. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons and we do not want to see our rights and freedoms infringed upon. We are here to have a voice and raise our concerns.

We are peaceful, law abiding Canadian citizens with an aim to spread awareness to all Canadians and insure we maintain our way of life and freedoms we enjoy.

Our protests and objective is only to educate and raise awareness about any issues that may infringe on our civil liberties. We respect our government and law enforcement agencies, they are all our families. We only wish to relay the message to keep our constitution and civil liberties in mind while conducing your actions.”

The following is a link to the FNP website and National Facebook page.