Canadian NPD “No confidence in Liberals, No election!”

In recent days the Canadian government has been in turmoil. Today NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh held a press conference prior to the confidence motion, where he announced his party intends to vote against the CPC motion to create an anti-corruption committee. The Liberals announced that the motion to create this anti-corruption committee would effectively be a confidence vote, thus raising the stakes of the vote.

“People need help right now, they need confidence in the future. They’re not looking for an election. So New Democrats will not give Prime Minister Trudeau the election that he’s looking for. We’re not going to be used an excuse, or a cover,” said Singh.

Yesterday, Opposition Leader Erin O’Toole said that the proposed special committee would investigate “WE Charity and the Liberal government and their families, the lobbying efforts for amendments to the income tax act in respect to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy program, the acquisition, purchase, and approval of Baylis Medical Company ventilators, and topics other house committees related to” the Liberal Party’s actions.

The Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois said they would vote in favour of the motion, bringing the vote to 153. However, with Liberals and now NDP voting against, the vote is 178 and the motion is moot.

It remains to be seen whether this vote will now mean the WE Charity investigations are over, or if the motion will be restructured. For the time being, there will be no snap election and in my opinion, thank God for that.