Crowds grow at Queens Park as second protest begins

As described by Premier Doug Ford, the “yahoos” are at it again. This time the crowd has grown as more people come together to protest the lockdown for the second time outside of Queens Park in Toronto. It appears to be organized by the new group the Free North Patriots, as flags and signs have displayed around the protest. As well, in the pictures at the protest, you will see a new symbol appear where it represents ‘drawing the line”. This symbol has appeared on the Free North Patriots website. The website states that it represents the people drawing the line to end corruption and control. The red line symbolizes the people who will defend their rights and freedoms to maintain their civil liberties at any cost. In addition to that, the line that is drawn through the letter O symbolizes any oppressive forces. Individuals have seen this symbol pop up from the west coast all the way to the east coast of Canada. 

Above is a video of the protestors today at Queens Park in Toronto. 


Below are pictures taken of the protestors.