Is Trudeau scared? Emergency Election?? Internment Camps??

If 2020 has brought the world anything other than panic, its definitely mistrust in our governments. In recent days the Canadian legislators have decided that they desperately need internment camps for people that have tested positive for Covid-19, and “other reasons”. Unfortunately for the citizens of Canada the government isn’t willing to talk about what the other reasons are, just that it is for the “safety” of the citizens. I honestly think that Trudeau is hiding a dark secret that involves corruption at the highest levels of the Canadian government.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, is embroiled in a controversy of his own making that’s inflicting political damage on him and his administration.

The Canadian leader is struggling to contain the rapid spread of a firestorm sparked by his plan to award a sole-source contract-to a powerful charity and fueled by revelations that members of his family have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees by the organization over the past half decade. The dustup also threatens to cost Trudeau his trusted finance minister.

Trudeau’s trouble began building momentum a few months ago after his government announced the deal to pay WE Charity up to C$43 million to administer a C$912-million student grant program as part of Canada’s Covid-19 response. The group works on international development projects and classroom programs, mostly in the U.S. and Canada, that teach youth about civic engagement.

The public and parliamentary reaction in Canada to the news and further revelations of speaking fees and travel expenses paid to family members of Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau has been swift and harsh.

Polls suggest the still-emerging controversy around WE Charity has already chewed away at Trudeau’s approval ratings, which saw a lift after the start of the pandemic. Rivals have demanded Morneau’s resignation and the fallout risks nudging opponents closer to defeating Trudeau’s minority Liberal government, triggering another election. Canada’s ethics commissioner has launched investigations into Trudeau and Morneau.

Trudeau has shown he can survive scandals, including images of him wearing brownface 20 years ago that surfaced during last year’s election campaign. The ethics commissioner found last year that Trudeau broke conflict-of-interest law after the prime minister and his staff repeatedly urged his former attorney general to reach a plea-bargain deal with the SNC-Lavalin engineering firm, which faced corruption charges.

Trudeau also weathered blowback from a 2018 trip to India when he had to rescind a dinner invitation he’d issued to a Sikh extremist who had been accused of attempting to murder an Indian politician.

In late 2018, the ethics commissioner also concluded Trudeau violated violated ethics law over two all-expenses-paid family trips at the Aga Khan’s residence in the Bahamas.

Despite the weight of controversies, Trudeau dodged defeat in the 2019 election and returned to the Prime Minister’s Office with his Liberals reduced to a minority status. It has forced them to work with opposition parties to pass legislation and to keep the government afloat.

Now Prime Minister Trudeau is hilariously suggesting an emergency election to solidify his place in history. All I can say to Canadian citizens is make sure you look into the way your votes are collected, because I smell corruption afoot.