NHS trust tells trans staff to use whichever toilet, changing room or shower they want

NHS bosses have issued guidance allowing pre-operative transgender staff to use whichever toilet, changing room or shower they want to.

The Staff Trans Equality Policy, published by Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) and drawn up with the help of controversial equality rights group Stonewall, states that ‘trans people are entitled to use single-sex facilities in accordance with their gender’.

No objections from colleagues are allowed to interfere with the right of trans-identifying staff to use whichever single-sex facilities they want to, according to the document. 

Nor is there any requirement for individuals to have undergone any gender reassignment surgery or even be in the process of arranging it. 

It states: ‘It is not acceptable to expect an individual undergoing gender reassignment to use facilities designated for use by those of their birth gender.

‘Following gender reassignment, whether or not this has involved surgical procedures, the individual should be fully supported in using all facilities appropriate to his or her acquired gender. 

Should there be any objections to this [entitlement], a manager will deal with the objections in a sensitive and understanding way while not denying the trans person access to facilities appropriate to their lived gender.’

The Equality Act 2010 refers to the ‘protected characteristic of gender reassignment’, putting it on a par with age, race and sexual orientation – and making it illegal for a person to be discriminated against on those grounds.