Trevor Doyle allegedly solicited sex from FBI agent pretending to be 13-year-old girl

Hadeel Ibrahim, Jordan Gill · CBC News

A Fredericton radio host is accused of soliciting sex from an undercover FBI agent he believed to be a 13-year-old girl.

Trevor L. Doyle was charged Wednesday in Carolina, Puerto Rico, with attempted sexual enticement of a minor.

Doyle is a longtime morning show host for Capital FM, a radio station owned by Bell Media.

Court documents obtained by CBC News include an affidavit from FBI Special Agent Brian P. O’Sullivan that says Doyle used a messaging app to arrange to meet with the agent where she could perform oral sex on him.

Arrested on beach

O’Sullivan said Doyle and the agent arranged a meeting on a beach in the Isla Verde area of Carolina after almost three days of messaging. He was arrested on the beach early Wednesday morning.

Doyle was arrested by agents with the FBI’s San Juan task force on child exploitation and human trafficking.

A Bell Media spokesperson didn’t comment on Doyle’s legal situation but confirmed he has been suspended from his job at the station.  

The exchanges started after the undercover agent posted an image on an anonymous messaging app saying, “Just a girl in [Puerto Rico] who is booooored,” on March 31.

The FBI affidavit alleges Doyle began messaging with the undercover agent on that day and continued to message her after she brought up her age “repeatedly” as 13. It says Doyle brought up her age as well.

If convicted, Doyle could receive a sentence of 10 years to life in prison, the FBI said.

Allegedly advised deleting messages

The affidavit alleges Doyle asked the agent to perform oral sex on him and asked if she’d be willing to have vaginal sex.

The two continued messaging and arranged to meet on an Isla Verde beach on April 3.

Doyle asked the agent if her parents checked her phone and said she should delete their messages so they don’t get caught, the affidavit says. He also offered her cab fare to and from their meeting place.

After Doyle was arrested, the affidavit says, he “stated he knew his conduct was wrong.”

Assigned public defender

The FBI allegations have not been tested in court.

Doyle has been assigned a U.S. public defender. He is in custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Puerto Rico and will have a bail hearing on Monday.

Supervisory Special Agent Luis Rivera-Santana said the arrest was part of the bureau’s effort to reduce online child sexual exploitation.

“We’re working … online to apprehend people that travel across state lines to engage in such activity,” he said.